Sunday, September 9, 2012

President Clinton - We Are All in This Together

It's impossible to improve on the rave reviews this speech has received.  President Clinton offered a point by point rebuttal of all Republican charges:

In the last 52 years, Republicans have held the Executive Branch 28 years, the Democrats for 24 years.  Of the 66 million private sector jobs created in this period, 24 million were created by the Republicans, 42 million by Democrats.  This is the Job Score!  Clearly, the Democrats are the Prosperity Party.

At the present time more than 3 million jobs are open and unfilled.  Is this the time to cut funding for training & a variety of educational programs?

You really need to watch this speech on line.  Education, Welfare Reform, Women's Rights, Student Debt, Health Care, Taxes, Regulation, GLBT, Defense, Energy. . . . and so forth were put into perspective by Bill Clinton, Teacher-in-Chief.

What kind of country do we want?  I, personally, don't want the "winner take all, you are on your own."  I'm betting on the inclusive 21st century American Dream of shared responsibilities & opportunities. 

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