Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thanks to the News-Herald Readers

I left home last Sunday morning.  What a week!  The pace was not for sissies.  Thanks to those who selected me as a delegate back in April, and to all of the Democratic candidates and incumbents.  I appreciated the opportunity to "blog" for the News-Herald & I've acquired a few new computer skills in this information age.

Fired Up & Ready to Go!
Sue Brannan



    Willard summoned his chauffeurs, footmen, maids, gardeners, butlers, chefs and foreign branch bank managers to his new car elevator in his rebuilt La Jolla, California home and dismissed them all as a way to celebrate Labor Day. "I like being able to fire people, especially as a way to celebrate the hard working people of our country who pay a higher tax rate than myself. Think of it. It's so grand."
    "Now, somebody go fetch me a glass of tepid lemonade. And be quick about it or I'll fire you again. A-ha."

    check it out


    Last Friday on ABC's Good Morning, America, Willard Romney said that an income of $200,000 to $250,000 is MIDDLE INCOME. MIDDLE INCOME?
    Where is $250,000 considered middle income? In Romneyland, that's where?
    Willard you are so out of it. Just because you're worth 250 ka-zillion dollars doesn't mean everybody has gotten rich like you by destroying businesses and causing tens of thousands of workers to lose their jobs.
    In fact, The Census Bureau says that the actual median household income in this country is $50,000.
    It's more evidence that Romney lives in that fantasy world called Romneyland.
    In Romneyland Willard is some kind of classic businessman building solid companies to give people jobs.
    Not so here in the real world. Here, Romney made his fortune by taking over struggling companies, paying himself HUGE consultancy fees and then saddling the companies with debt to pay those consultancy fees. And then shipping the lost jobs out of the country.
    My dog knows more about job creation than Romney does because my dog creates a job for me every time he takes a dump in the back yard and I have to clean it up.
    And don't try to tie my dog to the roof of your car, Romney. We're on to you, Willard.
    Here, in the real world, most families are getting by on $50,000 … NOT the $250,000 that dog abuser and vulture, pirate capitalist Romney believes it to be in his crazy, old ROMENYLAND.


    The tape where Willard Romney was secretly recorded stating that 47% of the US population are mooching losers who'll never take responsibility for themselves, including grandma on Social Security, was made at one of the mansions of Marc Leder, bigwig slimy Republican money man and prominent Republican orgy organizer.
    Rags like The New York Post report that Leder hosted wild parties where people ran around nude and performed disgusting Republican missionary style sex acts with their eyes closed while listening to recordings of Ronald Reagan's bawdier speeches.
    This latest disclosure about the foundering Romney presidential effort elicited the following comment from a veteran Republican campaign manager:
    'The only way Obama can lose now is if Al Qaeda crashes a jet liner loaded with nuclear weapons into the Statue of Liberty during Monday night football. It's over. How do you spell Titanic? M.i.t.t. R.o.m.n.e.y.'

  4. According to incredibly boring people who follow this sort of trivia, MSNBC HAS LATELY BEEN BEATING FAUX NEWS IN THE RATING WARS. (!!!) (yawn)
    Faux News has been the ratings dominator for years because the demographic that watches Faux News is old, tired and rarely leaves the rocker except to get a prune or to take their Metamucil.
    This recumbent, sleepy, hard of hearing group keep the cable dialed to Faux unless reruns of Matlock are on. Plus, they don't know where they put the remote.
    The most popular sexual predator on Faux is Bill O'Really, the angry bully who paid his former producer millions of dollars when she sued him for sexual harassment.
    O'Really keeps his loyal retirees loyal by waging a yearly war on the non-existent War on Christmas that the retirees find so scary.
    Faux also has the habitual liar and limpest wristed Irishman Sean Hankity-Hankity in its stable of habitual liars to help ma and pa granny folks fall asleep.
    But now MSNBC is beating O'Really and Hankity-Hankity and scoring higher ratings than Faux.
    The simple answer is that people who usually watch Faux have finally realized that Faux has been lying to them for years. They've seen through the Faux bullshit.
    Faux isn’t called the propaganda arm of the Republitard party for nothing.
    So …


    Willard Romney: I don't care about the 47%.
    Willard Romney: This campaign is about 100% of the American people.
    Willard Romney: On my first day as president I will repeal Obama-care.
    Willard Romney: I am the grandfather of Obama-care.
    Willard Romney: I support a woman's right to choose.
    Willard Romney: I am pro-life.
    Willard Romney: I will build a wall to keep illegals from entering the country.
    Willard Romney: It's not about building walls. It's about building trust.
    This week the Romney campaign rebooted six times and rolled out eleven new Romneys for the voters to choose from. Don't like the current Romney? No problem.
    Wait six hours another one's coming along.
    If Romney is such a genius as a businessman how come he can't run a presidential campaign effectively? And if he can't run an effective political campaign how can he be expected to run
    the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA????????????????????????????
    Willard's campaign is in free fall. Fox News polls have him losing by between 5 to 7% in swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida. He's already stopped advertising in Pennsylvania. Huffington Post has him losing 191 Electoral College votes to Obama's 332 Electoral College votes. Another site has Obama with more than 330 EC votes. Only 270 are needed to win.
    Romney's response to the chaos: My campaign's doing fine. Everything's under control.
    to see willard in free fall go to