Sunday, September 9, 2012

President Obama Accepts the Nomination

Most of us planned to arrive early at Time-Warner in order to get a good seat.  It rained, actually poured, daily every afternoon.  Security did not allow umbrellas into the convention hall so I carried my balled up foul weather jacket with me.  At last, the final night began.

Gabby Douglas led us in the Pledge of Allegiance & Marc Anthony sang The Star Spangled Banner.  James Taylor, Mary Jane Blige, the Foo Fighters (lead singer from Warren, OH), entertained.  Scarlett Johansson, Caroline Kennedy, Eva Longoria, Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Former FL Republican  Gov. Charlie Crist, to mention a few dignitaries all delivered moving remarks.

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois introduced President Obama.  Since this is being posted three days later, you have heard, read, etc. reviews.  I can add that the President spoke sincerely, as one who has had terrific responsibilities since Jan. 20, 2009.  The economy was in free fall, losing hundreds of jobs monthly.  Terrorism & national security was and is of major concern - always.  Add social issues and those participating in the political process have a full plate, especially the President & Vice President.

We are facing an important choice in this election.  Are we to build an economy meant to last?  Will the economy restore the middle class by investing in education, alternative energy, innovation, & infrastructure?  Will this be an economy from Wall Street to Main Street where everyone plays by the same rules & pays his/her fair share?  Or, will we return to the failed economic policies of the past?  This past has been built on outsourcing,  unregulated  risky financial deals, & the lowest tax rates for the millionaires in history.

There's a saying that "OHIO chooses Presidents."  Together, we can re-elect President Obama.  We can strengthen the middle class, protect voting rights, & keep Ohio & our nation moving forward.

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